Couples therapy

About couples therapy

Couples therapy is suitable for people in committed relationships where there is both relationship distress, and depression or anxiety in one or both partners.  It can be helpful for all kinds of committed relationships, including same-sex relationships. 

Couples therapy focuses on the aspects of depression or anxiety that concern others around you and on factors that reduce stress and increase support within the couple. It usually works best when both partners are interested and willing to work on improving their relationship and supporting one another. 

This could include goals such as improving communication, managing feelings, changing behaviour, enhancing problem-solving skills and promoting acceptance within the couple. It is quite an ‘active’ form of therapy, and couples are often asked to do ‘homework’ between sessions. 

I offer couples therapy most commonly for the following issues:

Communication difficulties
Lack of connection/intimacy
Difficulties with problem solving and decision making
Depression affecting either one or both partners
Anxiety affecting either one or both partners
Stress, major life events or changes affecting one or both partners
Self-esteem issues affecting one or both partners
Health issues affecting one or both partners

How does it work?

The first appointment is your initial joint consultation together with your partner. This offers an opportunity for both of you to tell me what has brought you to therapy and what your hopes and expectations are. It is also an opportunity to answer any questions you may have for me and for us to agree whether we wish to continue. If we decide to continue working together, you will be offered a more in depth joint assessment session, which will help us to form a clearer treatment plan. Each partner will also have an opportunity to be seen separately for an individual assessment, with the aim to discuss your individual histories and needs, which can be useful to take into consideration when planning the treatment. The initial consultation lasts for 50 mins and the sessions thereafter for 60 mins.

What do I offer?

I offer sessions via a video call, over the phone or face to face at my therapy practice in South Norwood (SE25). The sessions are normally offered on a weekly basis at an agreed appointment time, which is normally fixed and reserved just for you. The couples therapy can be short term (typically about 12 sessions) or longer term, and this can be decided upon collaboratively. 

The fee for couples therapy sessions is £95.

I offer a reduced fee for initial consultation (first appointment), which is £45 for couples.