Online or Telephone Therapy

How does it work?

The first appointment is your initial consultation, which is your opportunity to tell me what has brought you to therapy and what your hopes and expectations are. It is also an opportunity for me to answer any questions you may have for me and for us to agree whether we wish to continue. For couples, the first appointment is usually a joint consultation. If we decide to continue working together, each partner will then have an opportunity to be seen separately for an individual consultation before we start joint therapy sessions. All sessions are 50 minutes.

What do I offer?

I offer sessions either via a video call or over the phone. The sessions are normally offered on a weekly basis at an agreed appointment time, which is normally fixed and reserved just for you. The therapy can be short term or longer term and this can be decided upon collaboratively.

The fee for individual therapy sessions is £70.

The fee for couples therapy sessions is £100.

I offer a reduced fee for initial consultation (first appointment), which is £35 for individuals and £50 for couples.